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“Classical Dressage is an Olympic discipline which consists of methodical and balanced training of horses. Its practice is intended to train horses to listen and respond to the rider’s guidance and work to achieve the right balance and harmony together to create a perfect partnership.”



This is one of our Equestrian Centre’s strong suits. In fact, a well-trained horse facilitates the progressive learning of the rider. Furthermore, in competition, a proper previous training allows obtaining optimum results.

After studying the characteristics and possibilities of each horse, we create a training plan based on the objectives that are wished to be achieved. We encompass different levels of dressage, from the basics to more advanced. All the horses that are in training stay under the supervision of our Technical Director, Joaquin Legarre.




This section is reserved for clients who would like to stay for longer periods of time with our technical team, in order to refine their riding or for preparations prior to competitions. These stays may include accommodation and other activities in our Centre.

These courses will usually take place with the pupil’s horses although, occasionally, horses owned by the Equestrian Centre might be used depending on their availability.



We also offer refining clinics around Spain. Organised by equestrian centres that require technical support or supervision to asses students evolution.

After a first analysis of the participating horse and rider combinations, we provide the riders with resources and solutions to improve the technical problems encountered when training with their horses. On a general basis, these will be helpful to contrast different lines of work and incorporate ideas or aspects to support or modify the method that has been previously followed.

These activities usually last for two or three days, so that the rider can experience the results that are set out to be achieved.


Many pupils have been in training and following our guidelines during the last few years and continue working everyday, trusting our training methods.

Riders’ training from basic level until they are able to participate in competition and further development involves a lot of teamwork. Our teachers and training methods tend to each of the training levels and stages horse riders go through.

As in other sports, determination and discipline are essential during the training process of the rider in order to achieve the best results.




Selecting and buying a horse is a complex venture, which requires considering multiple factors. Marbella Horses provide help in all aspects by finding and selecting horses taking into consideration the horse’s character, movements, manageability and trainability.




With a whole equestrian life behind him, Joaquín Legarre is nowadays a reputed and well-known rider and Classical Dressage trainer in Spain. He started his career when he was still very young and had the opportunity to learn side by side with the best horse trainers of Europe. He has participated in countless national and international competitions, not only in Spain, but also in Germany, where he had his second residence for some years. As a trainer he has accomplished numerous achievements with his students. He has guided prestigiously well known international horse and rider partnerships and continues to do so with outstanding renowned students.

Last but not least, Joaquin is a national Dressage Judge, as well as a qualified dressage trainer by the General Directory of Sports.


Teresa took her first equestrian steps in Sweden where she was born. She then moved to Spain in 1997 where she underwent special training with prestigious classical dressage trainers. Her technique, together with these influences made her an expert rider and professional specialised in Iberian horse training. She has worked as a teacher and horse rider in different equestrian centres and her tenacity and persistence led her to obtain outstanding results in national competitions with different horses, especially young horses.